Abby Britt

Everyone this is my hometown girl that I grew up with for 18 years. I am going to take you guys all the way back to when we went to daycare together, before we were even in preschool. Going to Joanne's every day (JoJo's) meant that I got to see all of my friends and eat the most amazing food that she would cook for us. If I recall correctly, JoJo had the best mac n cheese and maltomeal. Abby and I spent a lot of days together here, and it brings back a lot of happy memories for me.

We would go outside a lot, more like JoJo made sure that we had plenty of play time outside. There was a huge tire swing, jungle gym set, so many flowers (in the spring and summer time watch out for the bees). Jojo had the best toys to play with like Lincoln Logs, Legos, of course all the barbies that you can imagine. How my mom did not not that I was gay is amazing lol. I was constantly hanging out with all of my girl friends. We would play kitchen/house and act like we were cooking food and buying things from each other.

When I say that Abby has the most generous and beautiful heart, I mean it. When I took her pictures I had a flood of memories come back to me whenever we were little. All the laughs that we had, how many times we got in trouble to stop talking by a teacher, how we always sat together for every lunch (her mom and my mom always packed our lunches and we would trade food if we wanted something the other person had), and we always tried to make sure that we had as many classes together as possible. Reflecting back, Abby was always there for me growing up and I will always be grateful and thankful for our friendship.

She recently just graduated from College of the Ozarks, with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. If you have not already congratulated her, be sure you do that! She dropped a little hint to me that she might be going back for her Master's degree, which is really exciting. I know that she will kill it again if she goes back because she is one of the sharpest girls I know. While she waits to go back to school, she is working as a Para in the preschool at Gainesville.

Anyways... If you guys have never met Abby before, you really should. She has the best jokes, the most warming laugh, and a smile that will bring comfort to your heart. Thank you again dear, for letting me be your photographer.

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