Wedding experience

...What  I  Do...

Initital Contact

I cannot wait to collaborate with you and make this your most memorable experience. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know more about you. Let us chit chat a little, get to know each other, and hopefully we are a match and I can make these your dream photos that you have always wanted!

Sign Contract + Deposit + Date

Now that we have built a relationship....TIME TO MAKE THIS OFFICAL!

You will review and sign your contract (the thing that nobody really reads... kidding! Please read it carefully). Then, you will submit your deposit in order to save your wedding date. I will not book other clients on your special day, so do not worry, you will have my undivided attention. This is also the part where we can discuss the location, date and time of your engagement photos, if this is something that you want to do. . During your engagement session you will get to know how I work as a photographer and you will know what to expect from me  for your wedding day.

Photo List + Ideas

I know that this day is all about you guys, but this part is about me the most haha. This is where we can meet face to face for a meeting or even a video call. We will decide together and create a photo list of what shots you are wanting on your special day.


This is not my first wedding, keep that in mind, I am here to make this day easy and less stressful for you both. 

Wedding Day

Your day is FINALLY here!


By now we have everything figured out and have the plan on paper. Myself and the second photographer will arrive, get our creative juices flowing and capture the moments so you can enjoy your fairytale day.

Sneak Peaks + Social Media

I always try to have a couple sneak peaks of my favorite shots that I have captured on your fairytale day that will be ready for you to view within 48 hours. These will also be posted to social media for you, friends, and family to view.

I am productive while editing, so get ready to be wowed over some beautiful photographs.

Client Album + Ordering

After I perfect your photographs (minimum of 6 weeks) I will have your album ready for you, friends, and family, to view. Have fun and enjoy!

You will be looking back at your daddy crying when he sees you for the first time in your gown, that questionable outfit that your Aunt wore (my failed attempt at a joke), and of course how beautiful/handsome you were on your wedding day. 

After you view your album of photographs you might want to order a variety of tangible items suchs as prints, gallery wraps, standouts, etc. (this will be the time to place your orders). 



Signature Book + Design

This is my FAVORITE part to work on!!! I will place together a beautiful, custom made signature book of your favorite photos that you and your significant other have chosen. You will be able to look back at your wedding day from scene to scene that I captured. This is important to me as a photographer, because when we are all old and wrinkly, you will be able to open this bad boy up and look back at your wedding day with your friends and family.